We’re proud to announce we are the winners of the “Energy Innovation of the Year” award.

The Plico Energy project and its creators Starling Energy Group and SUSI Partners are proud to announce they were named winner of the “Energy Innovation of the Year” award in the Australian Institute of Energy, 2019 WA Energy Awards.

The award recognises the unique business model we have created that will enable the WA communities to benefit from their own virtual power plants, providing 1000’s of batteries and roof top solar systems to the members that join up under an EaaS (Energy as a Service) model.

The Plico Energy project is putting power back into the hands of everyday Australians and enabling them to create a better energy future by delivering a product and service that is cheaper, cleaner and more reliable. The project will:

  • Provide an affordable battery and PV system with no upfront capital costs, fully serviced and maintained for up to 25 plus years
  • Helps members save money on energy bills from the outset and even greater saving when Susi hands it shares to the community after 10 years
  • Allow the community to own part of an ever-growing battery driven virtual power plant that aims at supporting our future grid
  • Contributes to community-based projects; and
  • Reduces household carbon emissions by up to 90%.

By harnessing the energy of the sun with the assistance of cutting-edge battery inverter technology, households can now make – and self-consume – most of their own energy.

The technology chosen for the project utilises a novel DC linked architecture that allows for a flexible and easily maintainable asset that can be managed as a fully serviced and operated virtual power plant helping to protect the grid from fluctuations and households from blackouts.

The business model of the Plico Energy project helps to solve many of the challenges posed by the management of the rapid uptake of unmanaged traditional household solar systems and will help to ensure that everyone can have rooftop solar with batteries.

“We think the future grid should be owned by the community and our innovative model ensures that our community will be at the centre of this transition”
– Brian Innes, MD

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