Starling Energy Group

Our goal is to become a global leader in distributed energy asset management by managing distributed solar and battery infrastructure assets that will supply 40% of future grids.

Starling Energy Group is committed to changing the future of the energy industry by switching to a cleaner, greener battery storage energy solution and Making Energy Green Again.

Our name was inspired by the ability of thousands of Starling birds to coordinate their flight to create amazing murmurations, which help deter external threats for predators.

We see our Virtual Power Plants as the ‘starlings of the energy industry’ that will protect the grid and make beautiful coordinated patterns and enable our future grid to be clean and thrive.

We believe a managed energy distribution grid is the future for the industry and it will become our major infrastructure asset, which is why we offer full lifecycle asset management. We oversee everything – from hardware and software, to provider negotiations and customer service.

By giving households and businesses the ability to produce and manage their own energy, Starling Energy Group is empowering the community to end their reliance on traditional fossil-powered energy and create a better renewable future.

A portfolio company of Susi Partners

Starling has an equal partnership with SUSI Energy Transition Fund, an investment vehicle managed by Swiss-based sustainable investment specialist SUSI Partners on behalf of institutional investors, the majority of which are pension funds and insurance companies mandated to responsibly invest the savings of thousands of beneficiaries. SUSI Partners invests exclusively in companies furthering the energy transition and thereby aims to support the buildout of clean, secure, and affordable energy systems for the benefit of societies across the globe. Each investment brings about an objectively measurable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions thus actively contributing to global climate mitigation efforts.