The North West Shelf Joint Venture owns many houses in the Karratha area, which are managed by Woodside for the use by their staff.

The Karratha Project seeks to provide sufficient 24/7 energy services, which tailor to the specific climatic conditions of the region. This is includes large air-conditioning loads thanks to the hot conditions experienced in the north west of Western Australia.

Starling Energy Group was selected to participate in a Phase 1 trial, which included installing sleek, state-of-the-art battery inverter systems in half of 18 participating houses. The installations were completed in December 2018, with the trial period expected to run for 6-12 months.

Through a successful Phase 1 trial, Starling Energy Group is expected to lead Phase 2 installations. This includes a leased solution being rolled out across the rest of the Karratha Project houses, which would enable a 5MW-plus Virtual Power Bank to be built in the North West Interconnected System.